LeoCorpLibrary : La version est disponible

Une nouvelle version de LeoCorpLibrary est disponible, et il s'agit de la version

Changelog (anglais)
- Made the update system compatible with WPF (#122)
- Added a method that get the %APPDATA% path (#121)
- Added the InvalidGuidLenghtException
- Added the Generate() method (#124)
- Added the Generate(lenght) method (#124)
- Added the Generate(guidGeneratorParameters)
- Added the method Generate(fromString) (#124)
- Added the method Generate(fromString, guidGeneratorParameters) (#124)
- Translated and added the XML Documentation (#125)
- Fixed The generated Guid is cut (#126)
- Fixed The generated Guid is not in upper case (#127)
- Fixed Possibility to generate a Guid with a lenght higher than 32 (#128)




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