The end of the "Tooly Suite"

Learn more about the future of Tooly Suite.

Despite many attempts to create the concept of “Suite”, we annonce that starting the end of Febuary 2021, the Tooly Suite will no longer be maintained or supported.

A look back

We created the concept of “Suite” back in 2019, a vision to regroup our different softwares inside a “Hub”. There was two suite at the time: “Essential” and “Gestion”. The “Hub” is similar to an app launcher. The first attempt failed, and so did the second. It failed because mainly of this two reasons:

  • Bad UI/UX (User Interface/User eXperience)
  • Not enough promotion

This is why, during summer 2020, we recreated completely the Essential suite under a new name, the Tooly Suite. This third version was shiped along a brand new design and user experience. Unfortunately, this third attempt also failed, mainly because there wasn’t a lot of updates, and also because the concept wasn’t being promoted. This third attempt will be our last one as Leo Corporation is going in a new direction.

What does the end of support means?

It means that there won’t be any updates anymore, and you won’t be able to download the Tooly Suite. It will be removed from our website and Xalyus Store later this month.

Does this mean that I won’t be able to use Tooly Suite?

No. You can still continue to use it, but some features may not work in the future, like the auto-update system.

Are you going to Open Source Tooly Suite?

There is no plans yet to do so.

Moving forward

We acknowledge the failure of this concept, and we hope that we will learn from the mistakes made so this won’t reproduce in the future again. Thank you to everyone who supported this project.

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