Featured image of post ColorPicker: The version is now available

ColorPicker: The version is now available

Learn more about this new version of ColorPicker.

A new version of ColorPicker is now available, and it is the version



  • Added new animation on “Converter” icon (#52)
  • Added translations
  • Added a “Color palette” UI (#53)
  • Added a button to generate a random color (#53)
  • Added the possibility to copy the generated colors (#53)
  • Added tooltips (#53)
  • Made default theme “System” (#54)


  • Fixed: On scaled screens, MiniPicker isn’t following the cursor correctly (#50)
  • Fixed: HSL in English should be HSB (#51)
  • Fixed an issue with MiniPicker (#50)


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary
  • Updated ColorHelper


Click here to download ColorPicker.


The “Palette” page of ColorPicker.

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