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Gerayis: The version is now available

Learn more about this new version of Gerayis.

A new version of Gerayis is now available and it is the version



  • When the bar code type is changed, the default text also changes (#66)
  • Added the possibility to auto generate QR codes when typing text (#67)
  • Added the possibility to copy the bar code/QR code when clicking on it (#68)
  • Added an icon when hovering the QR Code (#68)
  • Added new theme colors (#69)
  • Added a message in the bar code page when an error occurs (#69)
  • Added a button to see the error message (#69)
  • Added the possibility to disable QR code page “Generate when typing” feature (#70)


  • Fixed an issue with history being overloaded in “QR Code” page (#67)


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary


Click here to download Gerayis.


The “QR code” page of Gerayis

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