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InternetTest: Version is now available

Learn more about this new version of InternetTest.

A new version of InternetTest is now available, and it is the version



  • Added translations (#307)
  • Added Website item (#307)
  • Added a “Multiple websites” section in DownDetector (#307)
  • Added the possibility to test different websites at the same time (#307)
  • Added the possibility to check every x seconds multiple websites (#308)
  • Added “Delete” button on “Website” item (#307)
  • Added placeholder text in DownDetector (#308)
  • Added translations (#309)
  • Added styles (#309)
  • Added the possibility to hide the IP address (#309)
  • Added the possibility to pin the window (#310)


  • Fixed an issue with LeoCorpLibrary (#306)
  • Fixed an issue with status code method


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary
  • Refactored GetStatusCode() method
  • The icon of the button changes when clicked (#307)


Click here to download InternetTest.


The new DownDetector page section of InternetTest.

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