ColorPicker: Version is now available

A new version of ColorPicker is now available, and it is the version


- Added the possibility to remove specific color from history (#136)
- Added default values in "Text tool" (#137)
- Added the possibility to select a color from the color wheel (#138)
- Added "Hand" cursor on "Color border" (#138)
- Added a tooltip on the border (#138)
- Added translations (#139)
- Added taskbar Jump Lists (#139)
- Added "Pages" enum (#139)
- Added logic for jump lists (#139)
- Added the possibility to save the "pin" state of the window (#140)
- ColorPicker now remembers the "pin" state (#140)
- Fixed: ColorPicker crashes when selecting a font in "Text tool" (#135)
- Updated LeoCorpLibrary


Click here to download ColorPicker



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