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Gavilya: Version is now available

Learn more about this new version of Gavilya.

A new version of Gavilya is now available and it is the version



  • Added translations (#236)
  • Added a link to the GitHub repository (#236)
  • Added error message localized string (#237)
  • Added an error message if the user isn’t logged on Steam (#237) (Thanks to @sgamesdev)
  • Added translations (#238)
  • Added an option to display unused games in Settings (#238)
  • Added the possibility to display unused games in “You may like” section (#238)
  • Added a message when updating the language in Settings (#239)
  • Added “Search” item (#240)
  • Added a search bar (#240)
  • Search box shows results when typing text (#240)
  • Added rounded corners to search box (#240)
  • Added the possibility to see details of a game from the search bar (#240)
  • Added maximum width to search box (#240)
  • Added key shortcuts to the search box (#240)


  • Fixed an issue with the search function (#240)
  • Fixed: The search box is using too much RAM (#240)
  • Fixed image misalignment in “Search” item (#240)
  • Fixed an issue when removing a game


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary
  • Updated RestSharp
  • Improved Search box design (#240)
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks to @wcxu21)


Check out Gavilya’s website.


Click here to download Gavilya.


The home page of Gavilya, with the Search dropdown opened

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