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Gavilya: Version is now available

Learn more about this new version of Gavilya.

A new version of Gavilya is now available, and it is the version



  • Reduced the size of the search drop down (#254)
  • Added translations (#255)
  • Added “Search” settings page (#255)
  • Added “Search” section in Settings (#255)
  • Added the possibility to hide the search bar (#255)
  • Added Search toggle button (#255)
  • Added the number of games in “Profile” page (#256)
  • Added tooltips in “Spotlight” section of “Profile” page (#257)
  • Added font files (#259)


  • Fixed: Achievements was null error (#249)
  • Fixed issues when resizing the window (#253)
  • Fixed issues when updating Settings (#255)
  • Fixed issues with the new font (#259)


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary
  • Replaced gradient with solid color
  • Removed unnecessary code (#255)
  • Updated font (#259)


Click here to download Gavilya.


Click here to see the website of Gavilya.


The “Search” section of the “Settings” page of Gavilya

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