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Gavilya: Version is now available

Learn more about this new version of Gavilya.

A new version of Gavilya is now available, and it is the version



  • Added translations (#268)
  • Added “Results” section in Settings > Search (#268)
  • Added the possibility to set the number of search results (#268)
  • Added a progress label next to each badge (#269)


  • Fixed: An item with the same key has already been added error (#264)
  • Fixed: It’s impossible to convert a game to a Steam game (#266)
  • Fixed: The “Add” window is “cropped” (#267)
  • Updating the number of search results no longer requires a restart (#268)


  • Updated LeoCorpLibrary
  • The apply button in Settings > Language is no longer visible by default (#270)


Click here to download Gavilya.


Click here to go the website of Gavilya.


Gavilya’s achievement page.

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