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Today, we are releasing a huge update to our blog: We are switching from Blogger to Hugo, a static website generator. This change will give us more control over our content and makes it easier to publish new and exciting articles.

What is new?

The blog is now using a modern responsive theme that support both light and dark mode. We are introducing “Categories”; it is a new way to sort articles. There is now a table of content in every article, you can also see the estimated reading time next to the date. We have added links to our socials as well, and a brand new About page too.

What is gone?

With this new update, we have decided it is the best time to move on, so our older articles from 2018 to 2020, are no longer available, but they still are on the old blog which will stay accessible.

What is next?

We hope that you will like the modern design; we are excited to post new and better articles on this blog, as a big announcement is coming soon.

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