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Introducing Gavilya 3

Learn more about the third major version of Gavilya.

Almost two years after its first stable release, we’re proud to introduce you Gavilya 3, the next evolution of our game launcher.

A new design

With this new iteration of Gavilya, we decided to improve the user experience alongside with the user interface. Gavilya 3 now features a sidebar where you can find the home page, your games, those you played recently, and also your favorites. You can access you notifications directly from sidebar too. Located on the left side of the app, the sidebar gathers all of Gavilya’s features in one place. With the new sidebar, all buttons and menus in the title bar have been removed.

The new sidebar

Improved profiles

Profiles are an important feature of Gavilya. In version 3, the profile experience has been improved; we merged your profile page with the profile switcher, making it easier than ever to create and manage profiles in Gavilya.

The profile page

Modern settings

The settings window of Gavilya wasn’t really intuitive; therefore, we completely re-imagined the settings experience. Settings can now be access straight from the sidebar, and it will shows up in a new page instead of a window. You can now focus more on what you want to do with the new settings page design: It’s simple and intuitive. The design is similar to the one used in our other apps.

The new settings page of Gavilya

New card view

We’ve also redesigned a key part of Gavilya: The card view. You will notice that the play button is no longer visible by default: To bring it back, simply hover the card and it will show up again. When hovering a card, you can also now see the name of the game at a glance.

The redesigned card view

Sorting options

We’ve also added sorting options to Gavilya: You can sort your games by the alphabetical order or not.

Other improvements

We’ve also improved the design consistency across all the pages of Gavilya. We made improvements to performances and fixed some issues. You can now disable notifications as well.

You can find the full changelog of this release here.


Click here to download Gavilya.


Check the official trailer for Gavilya 3.

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