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Passliss: Version is now available

Learn more about this new version of Passliss.

A new version of Passliss is now available, and it is the version

What’s new?



  • Added the possibility to generate a password by strength (#218)
  • Added the “By strength” section (#219)
  • Added the “Advanced” section (#220)
  • Improved padding (#220)
  • Added translations (#221)
  • Added the possibility to set the default password strength (#221)


  • Updated PeyrSharp.Core (#216)
  • Updated PeyrSharp.Env (#217)
  • Updated copyright (#222)
  • Updated Licenses (#222)

Generate by strength

The new “Generate by strength” section of Passliss

With Passliss 2.9, we are introducing a new way to generate easily passwords by simply providing Passliss with a target strength, making it easier to generate strong passwords. The old options are still available under the “Advanced” section of the Generate page.


Click here to download Passliss.


Click here to learn more about Passliss.

Quick demo

Watch a quick demo about the new Generate by strength feature.

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