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2023 - The biggest year ever for Léo Corporation

This year was one of our biggest year with major changes for us - and it is thanks to you.

Last year, we concluded 2022 by telling you that 2023 was going to be super exciting - which is exactly what happened! This year has been a fantastic journey to be part of, and as the founder of the Léo Corporation, I can not express how I am grateful to you for this. I have personally never imagined that this project will come to this point, but here we are I guess. As the year ends, let’s take a look back at the major events and releases!

The creation of the Peyronnet Group

In early 2023, Léo Corporation decided to create a specific branch for its developer-aimed products and libraies called Devyus. This subsidiary of Léo Corporation was intended to create and develop useful libraries for developers. Thanks to Devyus, our approach with LeoCorpLibrary evolved into PeyrSharp, and has also allowed a public release of our Synethia algorithm. But with the creation of Devyus, the internal organization of the Léo Corporation was becoming messy at a point where the following question arose: What is the goal of Léo Corporation? What do we create? The answer of this question could seem obvious at first - we create apps - but with Devyus, we were now also in charge of creating libraries for developers which are a different target from our apps’. This is why the Peyronnet Group was created: To provide a clear separation and definition of which entity’s goal was; Devyus is making developer tools, while Léo Corporation is creating applications and experiences. (Fun fact: Léo Corporation was supposed to be rebranded Léo’s Apps; however, the idea was abandoned for the simple reason that I thought the current name was already great)

Since the creation of the Peyronnet Group, Léo Corporation has released many new products and applications, which proves that the change was also necessary to improve our productivity by removing some of the barriers that were previously in place. Let’s now take a look at these apps!

New applications

ColorPicker Max

In 2022, we released our most advanced app we ever made: InternetTest Pro. In 2023, we decided to do the same thing with ColorPicker by creating a powerful and advanced version of the app: ColorPicker Max. This version of ColorPicker is using the same UI as InternetTest Pro while bringing several tools for artists, designers, developers, and everyone who needs to manipulate colors. Today, ColorPicker Max is reliable tool and is one of our most popular app.


DayBar is a simple app released during the summer to help you keep track of your time by displaying in your taskbar the percentage of the day that has passed. You can quickly check at a glance if you are productive enough. Currently, the app doesn’t have a lot of features, but we already have plans for a v2 version that will come in 2024 hopefully.


It is often frustrating when managing multiple windows and you wish that one of them could stay on top of another one, but you can’t. With PermaTop, you can quickly pin any window so it stays on top of all other opened windows, which allows you to maximize your productivity by dismissing the need to switch between two different windows. This simple app was also released on summer and has received some updates to allow you to completely manage your windows using the app. If we have new ideas on how to improve the app, we will definitely release new updates to it next year.

Gavilya 4

Gavilya 4 is not really a new application since it doesn’t bring major new features or design compared to the last one, but this fourth major version is in fact a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up. Gavilya was the first WPF C# application I’ve made and the code base was getting old and also horrible to maintain. With the rewrite, the app is much faster and consumes less resources, which will definitely improve your experience.

Web experiences

As you may have noticed, we didn’t talk about Passliss and Qrix in the previous section - this is because they are a new type of apps for us: Web applications. For the first time, we decided to abandon a Windows-only app for a cross-platform web application.


Passliss is a simple password generator, but the following observation was made: If you want to generate a password, why install an app when alternatives already exist on the web? This is why we decided to stop the development of Passliss for Windows: To replace the app with a web app available on all devices. Despite some troubles while making the app, it is today very reliable and efficient, with new features and design. Passliss was one of our least popular app on GitHub - with the new strategy, it gained many stars, making it one of our most starred repo this year.


The same story also applies to Qrix (formerly known as Gerayis). We found absurd the need to install an app just to generate a QR Code, so we decided to create a web application that does the exact same thing the desktop version did, but better. We also brought a brand new design to make the app usable on any device.


To round things up, 2023 was unlike any other and one of our biggest year so far with so many new innovations and novelties. I would like to conclude this year by thanking everyone who starred and contributed to our Open-Sourced projects on GitHub; without you some of the greatest apps and features would not have been possible. 2024 will be a year where we will focus on improving our products and I hope it will be as exciting as this year!

Thank you for being onboard with us on this journey,

Léo, Founder of Léo Corporation.

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