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ColorPicker: Version is now available

We added new features and made the user experience better.

A new version of ColorPicker Max is now available and it brings several improvements to the app.

New placeholder in AI page

The new placeholder in the AI Generation page

When starting the AI Generation page, a placeholder will now be displayed while the details panel is now hidden if no color is generated or selected.

Instant theme switching

Changing theme no longer requires you to restart the app

You no longer need to restart the app to change its theme - the change is now reflected immediately.



  • Added the possibility to bookmark a color in Harmonies page (#351)
  • Added translations (#352)
  • Added placeholder in AI Page color section (#352)
  • Added placeholder in AI Page palette section (#352)
  • Added instant theme switching (#353)


  • Fixed tab color issue when changing theme (#353)
  • Fixed an issue with nav bar when switching theme (#353)
  • Fixed color issue in dark theme
  • Fixed transparent window issue
  • Fixed theme not changing on first run


  • Updated Betalgo.OpenAI (#348)
  • Updated PeyrSharp.Env (#349)
  • Updated PeyrSharp.Core (#350)
  • Updated theme file


Click here to download ColorPicker Max.

Learn More about ColorPicker Max.

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