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Passliss: Version is now available

We added new features when generating multiple passwords.

Version of Passliss has been released and it brings CSV password export features, and many other features.

Export generated passwords as CSV

The new export option in the “Multiple passwords” dialog

In the “Generate multiple passwords” feature, we made copying the generated passwords on mobile devices easier by adding a “Copy” button. Plus, there is now a new export button that allows you to export the generated passwords to a CSV file.

Other UI Improvements

The new indicators in the Generate page

This version of Passliss introduces a new appearance for the tabs in the “Generate” and in the “Encryption” pages, as well as a new indicator in the “Simple” mode of the “Generate” page, making it easier for new users to understand how this feature works.



  • Added Strength indicators in Generate page (#771)
  • Redesigned tabs component (#840)
  • Redesigned tabs in Generate page (#840)
  • Redesigned tabs in Encryption page (#840)
  • Added copy button in “Multiple passwords” (#841)
  • Added the possibility to export generated passwords to CSV (#842)


  • Fixed an issue with hover effect on home cards


  • Improved margins in dialog
  • Updated dependencies


Click here to launch Passliss in your web browser.

Learn more

Click here to learn more about Passliss

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